“Recruiting” Your Needs

COST SAVING- Quit wasting time and money with huge non-specific industry employment ads, while wasting time and money sifting through hundreds or even thousands of resumes to find one or two qualified candidates.

TOP SHELF was created by Food Service Professionals who utilize their experience and passion to ensure the integrity of our clients needs. Our experienced management team carefully screens each candidate

When it gets right down to it, your total cost per hire utilizing Top Shelf is significantly lower than conducting your own search. Not to mention all the time you’ll save and the bigger pool of candidates from which to choose from. Our qualified staff will work together with you to create a profile of your candidate.

We want to make the right placement-not just fill a position.

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We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs and assist you in reaching your career objectives. We provide great opportunities for high performing individuals. Our great reputation and vast network of affiliates, working in total confidentiality, has been a great asset to both client and candidates.